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Volcán Nevado de Colima

Colima and Jalisco

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About Volcán Nevado de Colima

Volcán Nevado de Colima National Park.  It is an active volcano crowned with winter snow and volcanic ash plumes at a tropical latitude and the highest altitude in all of western M...

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How to get there?

  • Most important locality

    Ciudad Guzmán.

  • Airport

    Guadalajara International Airport 'Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla' - Jalisco

References and Transportation
  • Ways to get there

    Known breach called 'El Milanés', crossing road Ciudad Guzmán- El Grullo, Jalisco, from there to 17 Km by the breach of the Milanés.

  • Transportation facilities

    Private automobile and with tourist service providers.

  • Mobility within the protected area

    Different trails with signage.

  • Schedules

    Every day of the year, 24 hrs.

    Except during snowy season.

  • Entrance fee

    In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

  • Average weather in the area

    Temperate in spring and summer. Very cold in autumn and winter.

Volcán Nevado de Colima in Mexico

Activities and recommendations



  • Visit the Protected Area in the fall season. We do not recommend visiting in winter.
  • Mountain clothing (jacket, hat, boots, sunglasses) is recommended.


Services within the PA

Information modules
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Available services in the nearest locality to the PA

Bank ATMs
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Transportation services

Nearest locality to the PA

Ciudad Guzmán.

Admission fee

Protected Area entrance fee

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

More about Volcán Nevado de Colima

Interesting facts

It is home to both the imposing Volcán de Fuego and the majestic Nevado de Colima. Both are located on the border between the states of Jali...

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High mountain ecosystem.

Representative species of PA

Cougar (Puma concolor), Margay (Leopardus wiedii), Stygian Owl (Asio stygius), Long-tailed Wood Partridge (Dendrortyx macroura), Hartweg's p...

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You can see more representative species of Volcán Nevado de Colima on the web site

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Visitor regulations

Follow these indications to conserve the Protected Area

1. Visitors may remain inside the Park from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., any day of the year and enter and exit through the authorized accesses ...

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