High Mountain (2 Protected areas)

It includes the ecosystems found in the highest altitudes of the country, in the great mountains that exceed 4,000 meters above sea level. ... Show all information

National Park

Pico de Orizaba

State: Puebla and Veracruz

Region: Coastal Plain and Gulf of Mexico

  • Every day of the year.
  • $60.37 MXN
  • Temperate cold, -5 to 5°C
  • 15 activities to do

Biosphere Reserve

Volcán Tacaná

State: Chiapas

Region: Southern Border, Isthmus and Southern Pacific

  • Every day of the year.
  • $60.37 MXN
  • Temperate to cold
  • 13 activities to do
Gobierno de México
Medio Ambiente