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Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan


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About Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan

Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan Wildlife Protection Area.  Located off the coast of Veracruz, this reef system provides protection for numerous species of corals and associated fish and marine invert...

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How to get there?

  • Most important locality

    City and Port of Tuxpan and community of Tamiahua.

  • Airport

    Tampico International Airport 'General Francisco Javier Mina' - Tamaulipas
    El Tajín National Airport - Poza Rica, Veracruz

References and Transportation
  • Ways to get there

    There are three main routes:
    1. Mexico City - Tuxpan: 319 Km on highways 85 and 132D.
    2. Tampico - Tuxpan: 205 km on highways 130D a...

  • Transportation facilities

    Own vehicle or bus to get to Tuxpan or Tamiahua. To go to the reefs and Lobos Island, boats are rented from CONANP-authorized service provid...

  • Mobility within the protected area

    To the reefs and Lobos Island, transportation is by boat rented from authorized tourism service providers. On the island there is a trail wi...

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  • Schedules

    Monday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Except for camping and scuba diving activities.

  • Entrance fee

    $46.23 MXN

  • Average weather in the area

    Warm humid, 24.4°C

    Intense rains in summer and drought in winter. The coldest month exceeds 13°C.

Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan in Mexico

Activities and recommendations



  • The recommended months to visit are from March to September.
  • For scuba diving wear appropriate clothing such as neoprene. For snorkeling, long sleeves are recommended. If it is beach tourism use sun cl...

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Services within the PA

Boat mooring buoys
Interpretive trails

Lodging near the PA

In the city and port of Tuxpan and Tamiahua, where you embark to enter the Protected Area, there are hotels of different categories (up to 4...

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Food service near the PA

Cheap restaurants
Fast food
Street food stalls

Available services in the nearest locality to the PA

Bank ATMs
Market / Super Market
Transportation services

Nearest locality to the PA

City and Port of Tuxpan and community of Tamiahua.

Admission fee

Protected Area entrance fee

$46.23 MXN Entrance prices per person, per day, as collection of rights.

Senior citizens, pensioned and retired persons, disabled persons, and minors under 12 years of age will be exempt from the payment of fees, whose status will be accredited once they enter the Protected Area, if applicable, with the corresponding valid credential. A 50% discount will be applied to students and teachers with a valid credential, which must be presented upon entering the Protected Area.

More about Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan

Interesting facts

The Sistema Arrecifal Lobos- Tuxpan is a chain of coral reefs located 14 km east of the Tamiahua Lagoon; it is the northernmost reef system ...

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The spectacular coral formations, observation of the diversity of fish and other marine organisms. Observation of the sunken ship Pecio Melc...

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Representative species of PA

Elkhorn Coral (Acropora palmata), Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis), Boulder Star Coral (Orbicella annularis), Mountainous Star Coral (O...

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You can see more representative species of Sistema Arrecifal Lobos-Tuxpan on the web site

Go to the Naturalista web site

Visitor regulations

Follow these indications to conserve the Protected Area

1. Take your waste with you
2. Do not take any live or dead organisms with you.
3. Do not use sunscreen or use reef friendly produc...

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  • PA office address

    Av. Adolfo Ruiz Cortínez #55 esquina General Heriberto Jara Corona #20, Colonia Adolfo Ruiz Cortínez, C.P. 92880.

  • Phone

    +52 (783) 690 5373

  • Email


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