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El Jabalí

Colima and Jalisco

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About El Jabalí

El Jabalí Wildlife Protection Area.  The ecosystems of the area are mainly composed of temperate forests. The presence of three bodies of permanent lagoons, streams that come fr...

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How to get there?

  • Most important locality

    Comala, Colima, at 15 Km.

  • Airport

    Colima International Airport - Colima

References and Transportation
  • Ways to get there

    On state highway 16 Comala - Cofradía de Suchitlán take the detour to Hacienda San Antonio.

  • Transportation facilities

    Private vehicle.

  • Mobility within the protected area

    Private car or walking.

  • Schedules

    Every day of the year.

  • Entrance fee

    In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

  • Average weather in the area

    Cold temperate

El Jabalí in Mexico

Activities and recommendations


  • Hiking


  • All year round is recommended to visit the Protected Area.
  • We recommend clothes for cool places, jackets, hats, hats, comfortable shoes. Bathing suit.


Services within the PA

Rustic spa

Lodging near the PA


Food service near the PA


Available services in the nearest locality to the PA


Nearest locality to the PA

Comala, Colima, at 15 Km.

Admission fee

Protected Area entrance fee

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

More about El Jabalí

Interesting facts

The lagoons called Las Marías and Carrizalillos are located on the slopes of the Colima Volcano.


Landscapes and spas.

Representative species of PA

Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), Mexican Cottontail (Sylvilagus cunicularius), Coyote (Canis latrans), Racoon (Procyon lotor), ...

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You can see more representative species of El Jabalí on the web site

Go to the Naturalista web site

Visitor regulations

Follow these indications to conserve the Protected Area

1. No littering. 2. Do not introduce alcoholic beverages.


  • PA office address

    Without personnel.

  • Phone

    Without information

  • Email

    Without information

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