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Arrecifes de Xcalak

Quintana Roo

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About Arrecifes de Xcalak

Arrecifes de Xcalak National Park.  It is located in the southern coastal area of the state of Quintana Roo. It provides protection to important areas of mangroves and coral re...

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How to get there?

  • Most important locality

    Xcalak is the nearest town, but Mahahual, 60 km away, has more services.

  • Airport

    Chetumal International Airport, Quintana Roo

References and Transportation
  • Ways to get there

    The Protected Area can only be reached by Mexico Highway 307 and the Mahahual/Quintana Roo El Cafetal-Mahahahual Highway; the nearest city i...

  • Transportation facilities

    Public transportation type Van. Also, cab service from Mahahual to Xcalak or car rental in the city of Chetumal.

  • Mobility within the protected area

    There are signs posted in the land area. Transportation to the interior is by private or rented vehicle along the coastal road. For the mar...

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  • Schedules

    Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Entrance fee

    $60.37 MXN

  • Average weather in the area


Arrecifes de Xcalak in Mexico

Activities and recommendations



  • The ideal season to visit the Protected Area is from November to April.
  • Comfortable, long-sleeved clothing is recommended for water activities and to avoid the use of sunscreens that damage marine ecosystems. It ...

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Field station to provide visitor information
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Nearest locality to the PA

Xcalak is the nearest town, but Mahahual, 60 km away, has more services.

Admission fee

Protected Area entrance fee

$60.37 MXN Entrance prices per person, per day, as collection of rights.

Senior citizens, pensioned and retired persons, disabled persons, and minors under 12 years of age will be exempt from the payment of fees, whose status will be accredited once they enter the Protected Area, if applicable, with the corresponding valid credential. A 50% discount will be applied to students and teachers with a valid credential, which must be presented upon entering the Protected Area.

More about Arrecifes de Xcalak

Interesting facts

This reef is part of the Mesoamerican Reef System; it is also an area where lobster and pink snails abound. There is an area known as 'La Po...

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If you go diving you will see massifs and channels similar to those of a deep frontal reef and a great biodiversity, you may encounter Carib...

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Representative species of PA

Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), Elkhorn Coral (Acropora palmata), Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus), Florida Thatch Palm (Thrinax...

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You can see more representative species of Arrecifes de Xcalak on the web site

Go to the Naturalista web site

Visitor regulations

Follow these indications to conserve the Protected Area

1. For your safety, hire the services of Authorized Tourist Service Providers.
2. It is not allowed to touch, harass, feed, harm or ex...

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  • PA office address

    Administrative offices: Av. Insurgentes 445 (edificio SEMARNAT) entre Tecnológico de Mérida y Tec. de Chetumal, Col. Magisterial. Chetumal, Municipio de Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo. C. P. 77039 Field Station: Av. Miguel Hidalgo s/n, localidad de Xcalak, Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo, C.P. 77940

  • Phone

    +52 (983) 285-4623 +52 (983) 835-0206

  • Email


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