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Sierra de Tamaulipas


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About Sierra de Tamaulipas

Sierra de Tamaulipas Biosphere Reserve.  This biosphere reserve protects ecosystems and biodiversity representative of the Sierra de Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico. The site is c...

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How to get there?

  • Most important locality

    Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas, 65 km away.

  • Airport

    Tampico International Airport 'General Francisco Javier Mina' - Tamaulipas

References and Transportation
  • Ways to get there

    The reserve has more than 10 entrances that connect to trails that allow you to move through the reserve, so we will only describe the four ...

  • Transportation facilities

    Passenger buses on some routes leave the roadside but do not enter, so it is necessary to get a vehicle or walk significant distances.

  • Mobility within the protected area

    There are no trails; we depend on non-certified guides from the communities in case of transfers to specific sites.

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  • Schedules

    Every day of the year.

    Suggested hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If it gets dark it is recommended to stay in the community and not walk at night.

  • Entrance fee

    In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

  • Average weather in the area

    Humid heat with very high temperatures

Sierra de Tamaulipas in Mexico

Activities and recommendations



  • It can be visited all year round, but autumn and winter are the mildest seasons.
  • Clothing recommended: jeans and cotton shirt, sweater and jacket, and boots or hard-soled shoes.


Services within the PA


Lodging near the PA


Food service near the PA

Local food to eat on site or take away.

Available services in the nearest locality to the PA

Transportation services

Nearest locality to the PA

Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas, 65 km away.

Admission fee

Protected Area entrance fee

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Rights for the current fiscal year

More about Sierra de Tamaulipas

Interesting facts

The Sierra de Tamaulipas provides excellent quality water to one million people in the San Fernando-Soto La Marina and Panuco-Tamesi hydrolo...

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Archaeological sites such as Sabinito and more than 20 archaeological sites in the Cañón del Diablo area that are difficult and risky to acc...

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Representative species of PA

Jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi), Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), Margay (Leopardus wiedii), Jaguar (Panthera onca), Cougar (Puma concolor...

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You can see more representative species of Sierra de Tamaulipas on the web site

Go to the Naturalista web site

Visitor regulations

Follow these indications to conserve the Protected Area

In the case of the archaeological sites, INAH has its rules and guards, in the case of the Cenotes they are private properties and there is...

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  • PA office address

    14 y 15 Bravo #335. Zona Centro, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

  • Phone

    +52 (834) 3156015 ext. 19200

  • Email

    Without information

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